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Pop Culture Icons: Who's Bad
Какие, однако, однозначные ассоциации вызывает у людей просмотр данного фильма)
Художник, вдохновившийся обоими Bad'ами, делится впечатлениями: "I started watching "Breaking Bad'' after my daughters told me it was a great show and I had to start watching it. I got into it. Once you get in, there's no getting out. Then I found out this was the last season and I decided something had to be done, it's too great of a show to pass up. I started to think about how to paint Walter White and then the song "Bad'' and the album's cover shot of Michael Jackson came to mind. I thought it was so cool to combine two pop-culture icons into one, where it just seemed like a perfect fit. It started off as a caricature but it came to be more realistic as I painted it. I decided to do it as an oil painting because I wanted it to be real and colorful and really capture that image of Michael Jackson on the album cover. One thing about Walter White, the character, he takes on almost the persona of each person he kills. So here, he's taking on the persona of Michael Jackson and "Bad.''''

Визажистка Карли Пейдж почему-то тоже видит сходство...


А кто-то даже не поленился и смонтировал видео на Billie Jean - когда Уолтер достает из чемодана свою шляпу, он делает это почти, как Майкл Джексон...

И пародийное видео на Black Or White


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Ну да. Ассоциации несомненно на поверхности.

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